URBAN GARDEN DESIGN and installation


Personalized Design:


We design your garden to your lifestyle, interests, and tastes:

to contain plants and features of personal significance,

to emulate a cultural or traditional garden style you relate to,

even to evoke the character of a distant locale or natural area of personal meaning. 


As you may wish, your garden can grow food and furnish the kinds of gardening and nature connections you most enjoy, and fit the time you have for them.


Holistic Approach:


Efficient, ecology-based techniques and technologies are incorporated to manage water, cycle nutrients, and ensure

soil and plant health, all to benefit the larger urban landscape as well as the garden itself. 


Habitat in the form of food, refuge, and nesting sites is provided for pollinating and beneficial insects, birds, and other desirable fauna, often customized for particular species.  


Simple Process:


We guide you through a clear planning-and-design process, supervise installation by crews, contractors, and craftspeople, and frequently also put our own hands-on skills and artistry

to use. You and your family are welcome, even encouraged,

to participate in the installation. 


A management/care plan and follow-up guidance complete

the package.