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Whether calling it Ecological Gardening, Ecological Site Management, or just Stewardship, we’re responding to the necessity to engage with our plantings using practices based in ecological science.

We tend to the ongoing interplay of plants and creatures over time, all to assure their diversity and resilient re-generation, and also their manageability.  Aiming to maintaining a beautiful balance between the controlled and the wild, we 'co-garden' with them.


Management Plan

A custom prepared document explaining what to expect and what care to give during the first few years of establishment and over the years to follow, based on how you define the relationship you want to have with your land and gardens.


Management Guidance (Coaching)

Regular or occasional visits to observe with you, strategize with you, instruct you in best practices, and train you in skills you can use. 

Contracted Management

Tending to the site in your behalf, based on an agreed understanding of what's to be done for site health, resilience, and beauty and for your personal needs and pleasures.   

Some frequent ecological objectives:

• to manage for plant and wildlife diversity

• to attract desirable wildlife and discourage the undesirable


• to manage native plant species that aren’t particularly well-behaved


• to keep watering and weeding to a minimum    


• to minimize stresses that invite diseases

• to use self-sowing and rapid spreading plants to your advantage


•  to encourage regeneration of native tree species


• to welcome delightful surprises

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