"How's your relationship with your garden?"  "What would you like to do with your garden this season?" 


We'll provide you with guidance and support to help you gain the knowledge and skills to make and tend your own garden and enjoy the natural world at your doorstep. 

Our Garden Consultation can introduce you to your garden's life, needs, and opportunities, and guide you in improving functionality, manageability, and visual effect.  We can provide an in-depth technical assessment and give you design and planting ideas, a do-able plan of action, and customized long-term strategies for landscape development and management.


Our Garden Coaching can take the form of hands-on personal training in gardening skills (pruning, planting, transplanting, stonework, etc.), guidance in reshaping space and topography and in moving or adding plants, instruction in establishing and caring for plants, step-by- step direction and support in garden-making, and a customized plan of garden care through the seasons.          


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