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Front Gardens, Brooklyn Heights

Remsen St., Brooklyn Heights

The co-op owners asked for a beautiful year-round scene they could care for themselves, with guidance, to learn more about gardening.  They wanted continual flowering, ecological soundness, change through the seasons, and their favorite plants - some requiring constant moisture, others preferring dry soils. And all had to fit in a 60-square-foot space under faint and shifting light.




Hicks St., Brooklyn Heights

The co-op board member who has taken on this garden is being guided in shaping it to give it terrain,

face it onto the entrance path, select and place its rocks, plants, and moss, and prune the large evergreen viburnum planted years ago.  



Hicks St., Brooklyn Heights

The 4-foot-wide strip at the front of the 100-foot-long apartment building extends from a bright and windy corner into the deep shade of surrounding buildings. Abundantly flowering herbaceous perennial plants, mostly native, are allowed to self-sow under flowering trees and shrubs, reminiscent of the edge of a meadow. 

Hicks St., Brooklyn Heights

A constantly changing display of mostly native plant species, with at least two blooming at any one time, welcome birds, butterflies, bees, other pollinators, and many happy children, all in 100 square feet. 

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